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Rivers in Marrakesh, Morocco

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

In my travels, I can't resist taking my minimalist river necklaces with me. So thanks to this the longest Slovak river Vah wandered through magical Marrakesh gardens and French La Seine on the rooftop of the Café hidden in the souks.

Here are my 3 tips on places to see when traveling to Marrakesh:

1. Majorelle garden (and YSL museum)

Make sure you don't go there on Wednesdays, as YSL museum is closed each Wednesdays (as we did).

But the Majorelle garden itself is beautiful as it is. You enter a bamboo forest and feel like you entered a forest in Japan, not in Marrakesh.

There were a lot of colors even in the early Moroccan spring. The red koi carps in ponds, the indigo blue Berbell museum combined with shiny yellow flowerpots (I immediately associated it with my fav designer Jessica Walsh who loves this color). The red path contrasting with the greenery.

I think the contrast is a word that describes Marrakesh itself - dirt on the streets and the noise and rush of the traffic combined with an oasis of calm in riads, the smell of leather preparation contrasting with luxurious perfumes...

2. Secret garden hidden in souks and mint tea on a terrace

Marrakesh souks full of smells and colors are surely exciting experience, but after a while, they might become exhausting, especially if you get lost like we did. Luckily there was a nice terrace in the Bazaar Cafe to save us.

After that we headed to Secret garden which was a hidden gem in souks.

3. Trip to Ouzoud waterfalls

Two hours of commuting but the view was worth it!

Where have you brought your river necklace to? Send us your stories.


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