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Rivers on Pohoda festival

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

So I got this incredible opportunity to showcase my work on Pohoda Festival in Hub Hub Innovation Zone among other amazing startups.

First and the hardest task was to create a display for my necklaces. I was afraid that since they are so subtle they would get lost unnoticed. I decided to go with a vertical display and for that, I used an #ikeahack: black Kallax Ikea shelves. I filled them with their plastic trays dressed in black velvet (it's great that everything in Ikea is so standardized :) I added led lamps, name tags and voila, a minimalist jewelry display was created!

There was a contest where you could win a silver Vah. It is the longest Slovak river that flows through Trencin, a town where the festival Pohoda took place.

I got to know young talented fashion designer Zuzana Los-Bozikova, who was just 18 years old at the time! She literally just graduated from high school a couple weeks ago. I love collaborating with people who have talent, creativity, and passion for what they do. And she has it all. I think Zuz's models and my jewelry was a great match too.

There was a fashion show...

...with a short talk.

Thank you HubHub and the whole team for this opportunity!



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