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My name is Mirka Biel, and I am the author of this site and the jewelry designs. How did this all start? I never used to wear jewelry. It is tough to please my heart (especially with trinkets), so I started creating my designs.

I get inspired by all sorts of streams and currents (literally and figuratively as well), so I have had this minimalist river necklace on my mind for a while now.


What triggered the idea? I like simple geometric jewelry shapes, but I was missing something. But why a river? Maybe it's because my grandmother has a house and garden near a river and I spent all my childhood summers and weekends there. Perhaps it's because I don't live in my hometown anymore, and I wanted to have something personal to remind it.

My design is a process of constant development and searches for beauty. 


All design is my own. I use maps and various 2D and 3D programs to make the final design.

Every detail matters and the closing is custom made too. You can recognize my MiaBiel logo.


Made out of sterling silver and tied with a thin black leather lanyard. I use modern technology of 3D printing. Metal parts are polished and tied to the final look by hand. The premium version of the Danube river is handcrafted by a jewelry artist.


The longest part of the river is about 10 cm long. the thickness of the river is around 1.5 mm. The tying goes around 10 to 15 cm from the neckline.  


River necklaces are delivered in premium wooden black boxes with a black faux leather lining.

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