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Inspiring customers: Jana Pekarkova

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

MiaBiel rivers are attracting many creative and inspiring women. Each of them has a unique story and memories, so I decided to start an interview series dedicated to them. First is Jana Pekarkova, one of the first MiaBiel clients, a copywriter and creative soul living in Trnava, Slovakia.

Hi Jana, you picked the longest Slovak river Vah. Does it have a special meaning for you?

Absolutely yes. The river Váh connects me with my hometown, with my parents, with my childhood. Váh flows through Liptovský Mikuláš where I had lived for 22 years. I used to walk down the river very often and sometimes also took a bath in it. It was a very cold water but as kids, we didn't care. I can still hear the little cascades and smell the ham and tomato sandwich we used to eat while standing in the water. Since I moved to Trnava I lost a little bit of my connection but my husband did not. He is a keen fisherman and Váh is his favorite river. So actually, Váh has followed me all my life.

I can still hear the little cascades and smell the ham and tomato sandwich we used to eat while standing in the water.

Can you tell our readers what you do?

I work for a creative studio in Trnava where I have various tasks from copywriting to organising big events. Currently, I have finished a corporate movie and started to prepare a marketing plan for an art exhibition. It is a very exciting job. Wild river.

You are very active - playing in a theater, writing books, filming documents, all at the same time with 2 small kids around. How do you make it?

Honestly, sometimes I don´t make it. It just looks like it on social networks that I am a turbo mum but I am able to fall asleep in the middle of an activity and at this moment no coffee is strong enough to keep my eyes open. But when the job is done I feel like I just won my personal Olympic Games and I can´t wait to start something new.

How do you relax?

Mostly in the kitchen. I love baking cakes with my children and preparing our favourite food in XXL pots. I like the process of changing cold ingredients with different tastes into one warm compact meal. I can refresh myself also by riding A scooter. It feels like to be 15 years younger at that moment. It is just you, the balance, pavement. Very calming.

Each river has a small tributary that makes it stronger. What are your personal tributaries?

My husband. He is the most important tributary in my life, the best advisor on my cruise.

You picked quite an untraditional Vah river tying - vertical. What do you wear it with?

I wear this jewellery mostly with dresses because they make it easier to dip your legs

in the water than trousers:)) I like a combination of my river with simple natural colors as blue, black or green. It shines on top of it as the real river on a sunny day.

How would you describe your style?

I prefer comfortable clothes, ideal for movement, riding the scooter and discovering life. The majority of my wardrobe is made from monochromatic cotton shirts and dresses and I pin different badges on them. To be honest an important part of my wardrobe are dark trousers because my kids grab me very often with hands dirty from chocolate, ice cream, and ketchup and there always isn't some river close by to wash it off.



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