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Inspiring customers: Ivona Hrnciarova

If success had a name, it would be Ivona. You might know her from the cover of Forbes, as one of the "30 under 30" Slovak personalities. And I'm lucky to have her as one of the first MiaBiel customers.

You are a proud owner of the Hron river. Why is it special for you?

I was born in Zvolen, in the middle of Slovakia. Hron is the second longest Slovak

river and the one that flows through my hometown.

I’m living in Prague, and I love to travel anytime there is a chance to discover a new

place. However, I think it’s important not to forget where your roots are. And “Hron”

on my neck reminds me of that. My sister got the same one from me.

I think it’s important not to forget where your roots are

What do you usually wear your necklace with?

I like to wear it with everything, except for sporty outfits. It looks beautiful on a black

blouse or on a dark turtleneck.

You and your sister have the same river necklace. In what aspects are you

alike and what entirely different?

We consider each other completely different regarding the “outside” aspects.

Although, many people told us, that my sister is just a younger version of me. I

guess, we have the same emotional and empathetic traits. However, I am more into

“adventurous things” such as traveling... My sister is of a quieter nature, a lot into art

and design.

You are a very active woman, on what projects and companies you are

participating right now?

The main “baby” for me is still our pop-up project Forbidden Taste; an experience restaurant that pop-us on unexpected places where there isn’t common to dine. People do not know where they go, what will they eat and what will happen during the night. It’s all about surprises, unexpected moments and great gastronomy of course. It connects a lot of creative works. Each of our events is custom-made, so it takes the most significant cut of my time. In 2019 I would like to bring more life to my personal

How do you relax?

Traveling is the answer. Many times, it doesn’t have to be too far. The new place and the new perspective gives me a room to relax, inspiration and an open mind.

Pick one ingredient you couldn't live without. What would it be?

In gastronomy? Rice. In my life: Passion for a thing and Love.

As a passionate traveler, what country is your top travel destination?

Last year we spent 1 month exploring Peru, that made a huge impression on me. Also traveling 1 month across South Africa was very inspiring with so many contrasts during the way. Laos is the country I would like to come back once again in the future. And Japan is high on my travel list.

During your travels have you seen any unique river that stuck in your mind?

Mekong river. It flows through 6 countries in the heart of Southeast Asia. The view on it was fascinating. It’s so huge. On the other side, I saw parts of Mekong, that were nearly dried up and where Lao boys were playing with a ball in the deep of its riverbed.

Some rivers have tributaries that make them stronger. What is your personal


My family. And so much my husband - in personal and also in professional life.

Thank you!


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